Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stock this, yo.

Stock. I usually make my own when it comes to poultry, but when it comes to meat, I leave it to the professionals. The problem is, I never need massive quantities of stock, so what to do with the rest of the box?

Freeze it! I have four ice cube trays and only one of them is being used for ice. The others are being used for turkey, chicken and beef stock. Here's the deal, if you have some leftover stock/broth after you make a recipe and you know you're not going to use it for at least a week you need to freeze that shit. Stat. Pour it in an ice cube tray and then you can use the cubes as you see fit for the foreseeable future. Mix and match, do stock shooters, just don't let it go to waste! Stock is cooking gold! Just trust me on this one. It will enhance flavors and enhance your life.

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