Friday, July 20, 2012

I long to mix something.

I miss you, friends.
My things, my wonderful kitchen things have been boxed up and living in a friend's garage for the past two months. I've been living with my parents all summer until my renters move out of my house, and while my parents have a kick-ass kitchen (what up double oven!?), it's just not the same. I long to chop things. A list of things I miss...

  • my KitchenAid Mixer. This explains itself. 
  • ball jars.
  • stainless steel mixing bowls. 
  • cookbooks. How am I surviving the summer without Nigella?
  • my favorite coffee cup. 
  • my super-fly measuring cups from Anthropology that I sometimes eat out of.
  • bacon jam.
  • spices. all my dear, sweet, sexy spices.

There are more things I miss, mostly just cooking in general and having friends over to share a meal. I've been eating out more this summer than I ever have in my life. My gentleman friend is not a big cook and his kitchen reflects that. I tried making something at his place earlier this summer and there wasn't a bowl in the place. Or a wooden spoon. I had to mix the peanut noodle salad up in the noodle pot.

My dream kitchen and I will be reunited soon. I move back into my lovely little brick house in two weeks. My garden is flourishing, I'll be canning tomatoes and making pickles in a month or so. I'm sure my gas stove and garbage disposal have missed me too. It's been two years since I've been in my cozy little home and I am beyond excited to get back. In all reality, I'll stay up all night that very first night and unpack absolutely everything. I'll probably sit on the cold tile floor and caress a cookbook or two, and perhaps my favorite wooden spoon. It might get weird. 

Regardless of all the things I miss at the moment, I've also made some pretty rad things this summer just making do. Peanut butter bacon cookies anyone?

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  1. oh wow. (admiring the bacon confections from afar)

    I know what you mean about "things being back to normal." Temps in our dear little Victorian house have returned to a reasonable mid-70s range, down from the mid 90s (ugh.) and I'm enjoying feeling slightly chilly and wondering whether I should bake Jamie Oliver's bread recipe to warm things up a little. Insane, because that's what I do in winter, when it's actually cold in here in Milwaukee.